Wherever you are in your career, sometimes we all need to take a step back and evaluate how to progress and improve. Coaching is an effective way to help you to assess where you are now, where you would like to be and how to get there.

At Fiona Sykes Associates our key areas of coaching are:

  • Executive coaching and leadership development
  • Career coaching
  • Coaching for 'high potentials'
  • Design and delivery of leadership development programmes
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Coaching for doctors

Benefits of Coaching

  • Improved performance
  • More motivated staff
  • Better use of people, skills and resources
  • Improved work relationships and quality of life
  • More creative ideas
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability to change
  • A more satisfying and rewarding career

Here you'll find coaches you can trust, who will help you fulfil your true potential.

'Coaching is the art and practice of inspiring, energising and facilitating performance, learning and development.'
Myles Downey

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